ultrasonic standard press

Sonic group have a wide set of press for all kind of needs.
• 20 Khz  up to 4Kw
• 30 Khz  up to 1Kw
• 35 Khz  up to 900 W
• 40 Khz  up to 600W
Check our actuator & generator section too.

special sonotrodes

Sonic group design and developed all kind of shapes and dimensions.
• ultrasonic blade sonotrode
• full wave sonotrodes
• half wave sonotrodes
• compound sonotrodes

rotative sewing machine & sonotrodes 35 Khz

Sonic group have a wide set of rotative sonotrode ready to be installed on line. Ultrasonic rotative or standard sewing machine available.
• 35 Khz 600 W (rotative)
• 35 Khz 900 W (rotative)
• 40 Khz 600 W (standard)
• 20 Khz 1500 W (standard)

pneumatic & electric linear actuators

Sonic group have a wide set of actuators pneumatic and electric.

The pneumatic actuator is used for standard application.
• 20 Khz 63mm diameter (7bar)
• 35/40 Khz 40mm diameter (5 bar)

The electric actuator is a 2012 brand new, ideal for extremely precise welding needs, used a lot in the medical field.
• 20 Khz 1800 N force
• 35/40 Khz 800 N force

ultrasonic generators

Sonic group have a wide set of ultrasonic generator:
• ALPHA is the perfect solution for interfacing the generator with the PLC of the automation. Is a compact and smart generator for control all the parameter necessary for having a quality results.
• 20 Khz up to 4 KW
• 30 Khz up to 1.5 KW 
• 35 Khz up to 900 W
• UCS is the brand new generator and plc all in one.

From this generator you start to build the automation , is easily connectable up to 5 actuators (electronics or pneumatics) Installed in the software you have different kind of programs depending of the application you'd like to realize. Quality control of the welding process never been so easy!!!
With UCS you control all the parameters directly on the touch screen.
• 20 Khz up to 4 KW
• 30 Khz up to 1.5 KW
• 35 Khz up to 900 W