SONIC GROUP is a dynamic company founded to try to meet the needs of manufacturing companies, which are increasingly looking for solutions tailored to their production needs. Sonic provides ultrasonic handling welders , standard pneumatic presses, semi-automatic systems, modules are applied in existing automatic lines or directly provides all the automation required for many industrial sectors.

We always try to offer the solution that best suits your needs, evaluating the feasibility of the application and the "numbers" required in terms of production. We work with the most advanced 3D design software, in an experimental phase we test all the movements of our automation virtually the design step is always in cooperation with the customer.The factory is strategically located near the city of Lugano, in the township of Bioggio. Switzerland.

The Research and Development Department is equipped with advanced instruments, and a well trained team of informatics, electronic and mechanical experts are involved with the research and experimentation of new ideas and solutions dedicated to new projects and to the enhancement of standard equipment.

Our Experience and Know How
25 years of attentive and close cooperation with our customers is an asset guaranteeing the validity of our solutions and the reliability of our products.

Our Mission
To Seek the complete customer satisfaction, through research and trials of new systems and technical solutions, for the achievement of finished product’ s top quality.

Our Objective
Design and build modules and machines technologically advanced, durable and reliable, interfaced to modular composed automatic feeders, easy to be integrated to automatic lines.

Our Sales and Service Network
Entrusted to Certified Agents of proven professional experience and expertise, employing Record trained service engineers, stocking a suitable inventory of original spare parts for immediate delivery.

Our New Deal
• Timely delivery of machines, immediate and efficient after sales service.
• Total Warranty on all components : 2 years or 3500 working hours.
• Spare parts availability : 20 years for mechanical components, 10 years for electronic components, even if out of production.
• Assistance on line via TELESERVICE.